We’ve received an overwhelming number of responses asking us what men can do to improve their relationships. It appears that men are equally as interested as women in working on their marriages. Ladies, take note: Maybe the guys are more aware of the value of their relationships than you give them credit for.

It is very common to take the love you share for granted. The obligations of life and family simply won’t wait. So naturally, the things you do to show your love to your spouse are set aside until there’s time. But there never really is time, is there? For those motivated men, MarsVenus.com has put together the following list. Try these 25 super tips to get you moving in the right direction with your wife, and bring some spark back into your marriage.

      1. Give your wife four hugs a day.

      2. Take her out for “date night” and plan the evening yourself.

      3. Ask her for a “honey-do” list. Don’t be surprised if you receive a long list.

      4. Bring her flowers as a surprise, and not just for an occasion.

      5. The next time your child has a school event, volunteer to be the parent who attends.

      6. Ask her specific questions about her day.

      7. Go for a walk together after dinner.

      8. Arrange for a babysitter for your next evening out.

      9. Send her an e-card … they’re free!

      10. Surprise her with dinner.

      11. Tell her you love her.

      12. Hire a maid to clean the house so you can spend the weekend without worrying about housework.

      13. Run her a bath after a long day.

      14. Offer to do the grocery shopping.

      15. Stay in bed a little longer just to be close and talk, without initiating sex.

      16. Give her a back rub.

      17. Stop and ask for directions the next time you’re lost … and late.

      18. Call her at work to say hello.

      19. Write her a love note.

      20. Fix something around the house.

      21. Look her in the eyes when you talk to her.

      22. Take her side when she is upset with someone.

      23. Take her car and get the oil changed and the tires rotated.

      24. Remember her birthday and your anniversary.

      25. Play her favorite CD when she gets home from work and dance around the kitchen like you did when you first met. 

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