In AARP’s latest survey on brain health, it found that although virtually every adult age 40 and over (98%) believes it is important to maintain or improve their brain health, only about half (56%) are doing one of the two most important activities to support their brain health-engaging in exercise and eating a healthy diet. According to a 2011 study by the Mayo Clinicand a 2010 study published in the Nature Reviews Neuroscience Journal, engaging in aerobic exercise regularly and eating a healthy diet are the two most important activities to maintain and improve brain health. To help empower people to maintain and improve their cognitive health, AARP is launching theGlobal Council on Brain Health (GCBH)-an independent collaborative of scientists, doctors, scholars and policy experts. This collaborative will provide trusted information on what actions people can take to support their brain health through quarterly white papers, scientific reviews and other research.

“It’s clear that people want to know how to keep their brains active and healthy as they age, but they need a trusted source that can help them make sense of all the latest developments in brain health science,” said Sarah Lock, AARP Senior Vice President, Policy, Research and International Affairs. “The Global Council on Brain Health will help people understand what real-life approaches work best and empower them to live brain-healthy lifestyles.”

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