SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Author Barbara Wyatt Olson, a new voice in fiction, utilizes crisp language to reflect the insights and realizations she has gleaned from her life experiences, including advocating for the homeless and teaching in Africa.

In “On the Rez and Other Stories” (published by AuthorHouse), 15 tales are brought to life by their complex characters experiencing change within the confines of the short story format. These are a medley of quiet longing and desire, of second chances, or no chance at all.

In “Ask for Anything,” a family escaped into the Blue Ridge Mountains learns that people do not always get what they want. In “Florida Blues,” a former lover on a prison visit must face regret, heartache and frustration. “California Quarter,” shows readers a woman who refuses to starve on the trip home. “On the Rez,” a man broken down and abandoned in Indian Territory finds monsters, fiends—and love.

The struggles of these richly drawn characters relive in readers a sense of familiarity as they battle their way through contemporary dilemmas, including cross-cultural conflict and racism, child sexual abuse, homosexuality, and bullying. The stories let inner light and resilience shine through.

“On the Rez and Other Stories” available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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