Themes and Decor:

  • The biggest trend in decor and themes for 2015 weddings is undoubtedly the Bohemian-chic or rustic style. The ides is to create a very personal and intimate atmosphere, almost homey, as if we had brought together our family and friends at home.
  • For brides and grooms who simply won’t give up on their idea of a glamorous wedding, in terms of decor, copper becomes a good alternative to the typical gold and silver. 


  • According to the 2015 trends, the flowers used in weddings are also going to be of rustic and country inspiration – with floral arrangements and bridal bouquets composed of flowers that seem freshly picked right off the field. 
  • Using seasonal flowers remains a huge trend, as well as incorporating the season’s elements in the arrangements themselves: chestnuts, pine cones, and acorns, if we’re talking about a fall wedding; or a wool-wrapped bouquet, when planning a winter wedding. 
  • For spring-summer weddings, the trend is the use of pastel colored flowers or total white.
  • For more sophisticated weddings, ultra-luxurious flower arrangements are trending, especially romantic and large petal flowers – like orchids, hydrangeas and hyacinths – while avoiding exposed leaves, branches and stems. 

Color Trends:

  • Cobalt blue, royal blue, navy blue, Tiffany blue 
  • Aluminum (grays, charcoals)
  • Radiant orchid, purples, lilac
  • Burgandies, plums
  • Champagnes, blushes, rosy pink, mauve, rose
  • Teal, greens, and blues


  • Dresses with off-the-shoulder tops, either on one side or both
  • In terms of necklines, we highlight two trends: higher necklines with embroidered details, and deep V necklines
  • Other trends worth considering: dresses with pockets, dresses with lace sleeves, dresses with small capes for shoulders, dresses with sparkling applique and dresses in pastel colors, namely pink, mint and gray


  • The rustic inspiration that dominates a good part of the 2015 wedding trends is also extended to the invitations.
  • The focus is mainly on the font or fonts used, giving great importance to what is written, and thus becoming the focal point in terms of design
  • Alternatively, in 2015, we’ll also see many wedding invitations inspired by watercolors and pastel hues, mainly pink and skin colored
  • The invitations in unexpected shapes (cutouts for example) and poster style are other ideas to consider if you’re looking to create a very unique wedding invitation. 

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