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However, at a time when we desperately need journalists to help give context to what’s happening, hold those in power accountable, and listen to people left out of the conversation, news outlets are struggling.

Independent newspapers are folding due to lost advertising, others are laying off employees, while others are resorting to delivering little if any meaningful news content.

That’s because covering news is expensive, even during “normal’’ times.  But in the midst of the pandemic, the amount of time we’re investing in delivering the news via our website, social media networks and our print publication has grown immensely.

Journalists have to be paid, stories have to be researched and articles have to be posted and shared.  Plus, there are countless other expenses associated with delivering a quality print and digital news publication.

Advertising is our most important source of funds to cover those expenses, but in the midst of this pandemic, our advertising revenue has shrunk enormously and corporate giving is almost nonexistent.


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