The Community Voice exists to tell the whole story of the communities we serve, and to uncover through our journalism effective responses to problems that hold us back from our true potential.  We believe that a newspaper that informs and empowers can create real value and change through journalism. 

  Reporting and delivering worthwhile news for our communities is truly a community-wide effort.  It takes a dedicated staff and a loyal readership working together to make it happen.  Your membership says you believe that journalism is a public good everyone should have access to. 

Your support for independent news means a better community for us all!


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You will be asked to register or sign in before you can join.


You will be asked to register or sign in before you can join.

"This is a great newspaper that informs not only the Black Community, but the entire city about local, state and national news, as well as local events, and events in the state and surrounding areas that have or could have an impact on our daily lives."

-- LaWanda DeShazar

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A 25-year-old award-winning bi-weekly newspapers, The Community Voice is one of the largest circulation non-daily newspapers in the State of Kansas and the largest distribution African-American newspaper in the Kansas City Metro Area.  Combined with a growing online presence, the paper regularly reaches 50,000 people per issue

The highly respected publication was the recent recipient of a Facebook Journalism Project Grant and was one of 12 newspapers nationally funded to participate in the Solutions Journalism Network Cohort.  The publication was one of 3 news organizations in the State of Kansas and four in the State of Missouri selected as a 2020 Report for America Newsroom.  RFA is a national service program that places journalists into local newsrooms to report on under-covered issues and communities.  

 "I don't recommend just one particular spot in The Community Voice but the whole entire newspaper to have your finger on the pulse of the Black community and to know what's going on not only here in Wichita, Kansas but in Topeka and Kansas City."

-- Mitzi Singleton