latasha townsend

In her new book, Come and Get Your Love, Latasha Townsend authors her personal story using the pseudonym Lovely, a young woman who moves to a new town in hopes of finding a good-looking tour guide and romance online. What Lovely isn’t ready for are the surprises, as she sorts through the many candidates looking for her perfect match.

“I’m a pretty private person. I really don’t share a lot of what’s going on in my life, but I have gone through a lot, and this book serves as an outlet for me, but also as a platform to share some funny and impactful stories of what I went through,” said Townsend. 

A romantic comedy, Come and Get Your Love chronicles Townsend’s journey moving from Kansas to Pensacola, FL, and her experiences in a new town using an online dating site. Lovely’s experiences will ring true with anybody who has used a dating service or simply gone on an uncomfortable date.

“This book hit home for me. I have been through similar experiences with people online. Come and Get Your Love is a must-read,” said TaNeisha Franklin, an Amazon reader.

Through reading about her journey, Townsend says readers can self-reflect as well as gain  a deeper connection with themselves.

In addition to Come and Get Your Love, Townsend has published two  other books, How to Save Money with DIY Beauty Treatments at Home and Divinity: SPIRITUALITY, a collection of thoughts, opinions, and prayers from the perspective of a single mother of three. 

Make sure to visit Townsend, learn more about her journey and books at the Mid-Western Black Book A-fair on Sun., Oct. 17.  Her books can also be purchased through online book stores.

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