Tameca Williams considers her sweet treats at Sugarush Berries comfort food.

“Customers will come to Sugahrush Berries looking for treats to make their day better or put a little happiness in their day and I love that,” Williams said.

Just a year after opening her first storefront at the Oak Park Mall,11149 W 95th St. in Overland Park, Williams opened a second storefront at 418 Nichols Rd in the Country Club Plaza, allowing Sugarush Berries treats to brighten even more people’s day.

When leasing managers at Country Club Plaza asked her if she was ready for a second location, she was elated and immediately grasped the opportunity, taking over the former Panache Chocolatier space.

Sugarush Berries sells a wide variety of sweets including chocolate-covered strawberries, cheesecake stuffed apples, candied grapes, and Oreo and Rice Krispies Treats. Williams’ most popular item is her Strawberry Crunch Strawberry dipped in white chocolate with a strawberry shortcake crunch coating.

The store is still taking custom orders, which can be picked up at the Overland Park location, but the demand for custom orders is so great that Williams is already booked through January 2022.

Before Williams opened her Sugahrush Berries storefronts, she grew and sustained her business through custom orders for event planners. In 2019, she was booked to provide her custom treats for a Microsoft party which Bill Gates attended.

Williams hopes to eventually open a third Sugahrush Berries store, but before that, she is planning to start offering classes teaching proper technique for making custom chocolate covered strawberries and candy apples.

“If I can do it, you can do it. It’s hard work, but my motto is never giving up,” she said. “I grew up in Kansas City, KS, right in the middle of the urban core. I am self-made.”

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