High school students in the Kansas and Missouri districts are encouraged to participate in the Greater KC Crime Stoppers/TIPS Hotline and the Metropolitan Chiefs and Sheriffs Association-sponsored scholarship essay contest.

Students must have a clean criminal record with at least two typed faculty recommendations. 

The recommendation letters,exceeding no more than two pages, must include: student’s accomplishments, grade average, class standing, activities, and reasons they deserve this award. 

Each student must submit a typed essay between 750 to 1,000 words on topic: 

  • Serving the public as a Law Enforcement Officer is not for everyone. 
  • What would be the rewards and challenges of becoming a future Law Enforcement Officer today? 
  • How can law enforcement entities help to encourage the next generation of upstanding young citizens to enter and stay in public service as a career? 

All essays will be scored based on content, clarity, grammar, spelling and cited sources. Contestants are encouraged to seek out editors for their papers and to proof their work. Do not include any visual aids, graphics, or other supporting documents. 

All essays, recommendations, and application forms must be mailed and arrived at the Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission’s office by Sun., Jan. 15.

Two winners, one from Kansas and one from Missouri, will be notified by March 15. Both winners will be awarded with a certificate and upon determination of a college or vocational school to be attended by the student, a $1,000 scholarship as a check will be sent to the school in the student’s name to be applied toward their tuition.

No forms of “campaigning” for contestants will be allowed by entrants, faculty sponsors or other individuals. Immediate family members of any Kansas City Metro Crime Commission staff or board members are not eligible. 

The application form can be found at https://bit.ly/3Pkiutf. 

For more info, contact Det. Christina Ludwig, GKCCS Coordinator at 816-960-6800 ext. 226, Monday-Friday,  9 a.m. to 3 p.m., or email cludwig@kc-crime.org