The world-famous Harlem Globetrotters are returning to Wichita with new crossover moves, ridiculous alley-oop dunks, and circus shots. The historic squad will be bringing their newly reimagined Spread Game Tour to Intrust Arena Friday, Aug 20, at 7 p.m. Fans will see new threads and players, but the same high-level basketball and interactive fan fun!

Last year, the Globetrotters stopped touring due to the coronavirus pandemic, the first tour cancellation in their 95-year history. During that time, the Globetrotters added modern spins to their classic game to provide fans with an experience unlike any other.

“The Globetrotters have been one of the pillars of basketball since the beginning, and the spread game tour is all about reminding fans of our history while keeping that family fun environment with a completely modernized show,” said Hannah Mortimer, former Globetrotter and WSU alum.

For their new “show”, the Globetrotters have teamed up with award-winning experts from Broadway and renowned comedians to create an experience like no other.

Since their inception, The Globetrotters have captivated over 148 million fans in 123 countries worldwide, introducing many to the sport of basketball. The team credits themselves with popularizing the slam dunk, fast break, and creating the forward and point guard positions.

The organization aim to grow the game while honoring past legends is still what drives them today.  One example is their new all-black shirts, which pay homage to former legends. Renowned for their swagger, the all-black style re-establishes the club as a new, swaggy, and confident squad.

Tickets options for Friday’s game include the famous Magic Pass Pre-Show events and new experiences such as the Celebrity Court Pass, #SQUADZONE, and One-On-One Meet & Greets.

For more information and to purchase ticket packages, visit the Globetrotter website:

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