Wyandotte County, that had the tightest COVID-19 restrictions in the state, today announced realignment with Kansas Phase 2 standards effective as of 12 a.m. on Fri., May 22.  This changes significantly relaxes constraints on Wyandotte residents. 

Wyandotte had announced their phased plan ReStart wyCo Road to Recovery , with Black, Red, Yellow and Green phases.  The county had only advanced to the Red phase, which limited both retail and restaurants to pick and delivery online, and did not allow for the opening of personal service businesses or gyms. 

All other government groups in the Kansas City Metro area had significantly relaxed their COVID-19 related restrictions with Wyandotte the loan hold out. 

Today, the Wyandotte County Unified Government made a big step by aligning with the state of Kansas. 

The decision was made by Dr. Allen Greiner, Chief Medical Officer of the Unified Government Public Health Department, saying the local data supported further re-opening of the community. 

“The residents and businesses of Wyandotte County have made significant progress in reducing transmission of COVID-19 and flattening the curve,” said Greiner.

Heavy in the decision had to be expressed concerns by Wyandotte County residents. 

“In listening to feedback, UG officials say they recognized recognized that residents and businesses faced a confusing mix of state and local guidance regarding the re-opening of businesses, activities venues, and other key community segments,” said U.G. officials in their announcement made this afternoon. 

 “I’m pleased that Wyandotte County is continuing to gradually reopen parts of our community and the economy,” stated Mayor/CEO David Alvey of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas.  “Our public health officials have consistently promoted the safety and health of our community since the outbreak of COVID-19. Their decision to suspend the ReStart WYCO Plan and align with the State of Kansas’ 2 Plan released yesterday was based on data showing that Wyandotte County continues to slow the spread, an effort to provide consistency and uniformity to residents and businesses confused by the current mix of state and local guidelines, and the fact that State prescribed guidelines supersede local authority.”

Under this alignment, all business open in Kansas Phase 1, 1.5 and 2.0 will open tomorrow.  Combined, under most, businesses, venues, and activities may re-open as long as they can maintain at least six feet of distance between individuals or groups and follow proper cleaning and public health practices.  Exceptions are identified below. 


State’s Phase 1.5

In Phase 1.5, the governor opened:

Nail salons, barber shops, hair salons, tanning salons, tattoo parlors and other personal service businesses where close contact cannot be avoided may open, but only for pre-scheduled appointments or online check-in;

Fitness centers and health clubs may open, but in-person group classes may not occur and locker rooms must be closed except as necessary to use restroom facilities.

In-person commencement or graduation ceremonies may occur with no more than 10 individuals in a room, gymnasium, or facility at one time as long as 6-foot social distancing is maintained. Outdoor drive-through graduation ceremonies during which no more than 10 individuals are in the same area outside of their vehicles at a time (i.e. school administration, graduate, family members, etc.) are allowed.

State’s Phase 2

Here’s what will be allowed to open beginning May 22, in time for the Memorial Day Holiday. 

Community Centers will be allowed to open, except for indoor and outdoor swimming pools;

Indoor leisure spaces such as arcades, trampoline parks, theaters, museums and bowling allies will be

State-owned-and-operated casinos will be allowed to open once their re-opening plan has been approved by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment;

In-person group exercise classes will be allowed to begin with groups of no more than 15 at a time. Locker rooms will remain closed except for restroom facilities.

Everything opened in Phase 1 and Phase 1.5 remains open pursuant to the restrictions outlined in Executive Order 20-34.

Recreational organized sports facilities, tournaments and practices will be allowed to begin on Fri. May 22, and must adhere to social distancing requirements and follow Parks and Recs guidelines, which can be found on covid.ks.gov;

Mass gatherings are still limited to 15 individuals. 

Still excluded from reopening are: 

Bars and night clubs, excluding curbside and carryout services;

Outdoor and indoor large entertainment venues with capacity of 2,000 or more;

Fairs, festivals, carnivals, parades;

Swimming pools (other than backyard pools).

The State’s Phase 2 plan is available to view or download online at covid.ks.gov.

When will public buildings re-open?

Public buildings in Wyandotte County will re-open on Tuesday, May 26 by appointment only.  To protect the health and wellness of visitors and employees, public buildings will re-open with restrictions. Visitors will be required to have their temperatures taken before being admitted.  Visitors are also required to wear masks when entering a public building.  Additional information will be provided in a separate release.


Residents or businesses with specific questions about doing business with a particular department should visit wycokck.org.  Many services, like paying property taxes, renewing vehicle registration, or requesting a new traffic court date can be completed online.  Residents, businesses, and visitors may also contact 3-1-1 for assistance.  


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