Precautions being taken to ensure safety of staff, golfers

Due to the overwhelming response from golfers in the Wichita community, the City of Wichita has reviewed the practices of other golf courses across the nation to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to their staff and guests.

At this time, Auburn Hills Golf Course and MacDonald Golf Course will re-open on Tuesday, April 14. A list of safety guidelines will be enforced, and golfers will need to follow social distancing practices and the health of our staff will be monitored to ensure our commitment to the community’s safety.

Circumstances are constantly evolving as we navigate through the pandemic. With courses opening, all members of Golf Wichita will be charged for half the month of April. Staff from the closed courses will be assisting at Auburn Hills and MacDonald until the remaining two courses open.

These guidelines will reduce the amount of contact golfers have with each other and course employees. Restrictions set for Auburn Hills and MacDonald Golf Courses include:

·   Clubhouses are restricted to one golfer at a time

·   No merchandise or concession sales; no cash payments, only credit or debit cards

·   No use of clubhouse restrooms

·   No cart rentals, walking only

·   All golfers must practice social distancing of six feet or more

·   Tee times must be booked in advance at or over the phone. No walk-in tee times will be allowed

·   No more than four golfers per group

·   Tee times will be every 20 minutes

·   Pulling flags from holes will not be allowed

·   Cups on the green have been modified to eliminate the need to remove the ball from the hole

·   There will be no scorecards or pencils; golfers can download the Golf Wichita app to keep score

·   No ball washers, bunker rakes, benches, bag stands or drinking fountains on the course

·   The driving range at Auburn Hills will remain closed

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