The Community Voice’s small but mighty team is applying its quality and trusted reporting from our community’s perspective on the crisis of our lifetimes.

It’s been an unprecedented few weeks as coronavirus grips the world. We hope that you, and those around you are safe and doing everything you can to stay healthy. We also wanted to let you know that all of our resources are focused on covering this pandemic through the lens of racial and socioeconomic equity and telling you how to stay connected with our coverage even as you shelter-in-place.

Essential Services: As a media organization, we’re considered an essential service, so we remain hard at work seven-days-a-week to bring you coverage that’s most relevant to our community.

Daily Updates: As a bi-weekly print publication, a lot happens between our print editions, especially now in this constantly evolving news cycle, it’s more important than ever to stay connected. If you’re not checking our website or social media pages daily, YOU’RE MISSING A LOT! Everyday, on our website, we bring you a dozen or more stories selected especially for our audience that never make the pages of our print edition and they’re often articles you’ll never see in mainstream media.

We share a lot of what we post on our website on our social media pages. To stay up to date that way, follow us on, on Twitter @cvoiceks. and on Instagram @community_voice.

Sign up for our FREE newsletter: If your time is limited, click here to sign up to receive The Weekly Voice newsletter. It’s a great summary of the weekly top news from our website and social media pages that arrives in your email box early each Saturday morning. If you want to receive The Weekly, sign up on our website.

Closed Distribution Locations: Finally, if you’re one of those who’s not ready to give up your print edition, let us help you find a hard copy. With so many businesses and community buildings closed, we know it’s harder than ever to pick up your bi-weekly issue of The Community Voice. If you’re looking for an alternative distribution location, you can find other locations in your city on our website —

Sheltering-At –Home: If you’re not getting out, you can read the new issue of The Community Voice online. Sign up on our website by clicking here, and we’ll email the new issue to you as soon as it’s available.

Cutting Through the Noise: We know there’s a lot of news out there that changes hourly and sadly far too much misinformation. We continue to cut through the noise by effectively curating news and information targeted especially for our readers.

As you know, we are a small but mighty team that is pushing ourselves every day to serve our community. We are looking for dynamic, forward-thinking approaches to covering this evolving issue and will keep you posted as we go.

Again, subscribe to our free e-newsletter, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for our latest coverage. And if you can help us do more, please consider making a donation if you can. You can reach me at

Stay safe, stay home and wash your hands.

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Bonita Gooch

Since 1996, Bonita has served as as Editor-in-Chief of The Community Voice newspaper. As the owner, she has guided the Wichita-based publication’s growth in reach across the state of Kansas and into...

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