Age: 32

Hometown: Conroe,TX just north of Houston

College: The University of Texas at Austin B.J. Broadcast Journalism,             Syracuse University M.S. Broadcast and Digital Journalism – Sports Emphasis

Years in the Industry: Will celebrate 5 years in November!                                      

Where were you working before KSN? At KAVU-TV in Victoria, TX

How have you survived the industry? Much prayer, patience, and perseverance.  

Why did you chose to go into broadcasting? I‘ve always loved to talk and had a thirst for knowledge. As a child, I would always learn as much as I could about any topic and report every single detail to family and friends. In junior high, I delivered the daily school announcements. I liked knowing what was going on around campus and helping students and staff stay informed. I continued in the broadcasting class in high school and fell in love with it even more. I knew then I wanted to become a journalist to serve my community through reporting on the issues that matter.  

What’s the hardest part of your job? The many sacrifices. Broadcast journalism is not as glamourous as some viewers may think. News is 24/7. We work holidays, weekends, and nights. We often sacrifice time with our families to make sure our viewers are informed especially during severe weather.  It may be tough at times, but I realize it‘s all part of the calling to be of service to the community.                                       

What’s the easiest part of your job? Meeting new people everyday! I’ve met so many wonderful folks from all over Kansas.

What do you like most about the Wichita market?  The food! The locally owned restaurants are so delicious! I’m always bragging about Wichita’s food scene to my family back in Texas.

What is something that you want to do professionally that you haven’t done already? I would like to win an Emmy award one day!

Tell us about your most memorable interview.  I interviewed a family recovering in the hospital from a car accident that killed the father. I remember walking into their room not knowing what to expect. Within the first few minutes of meeting everyone, I was touched by the family’s strength and faith during such a tough time. Their spirits lifted mine and it really puts life into perspective.                                                        

What’s next after KSN? I am enjoying Wichita and my KSN family too much right now to really think about what‘s next.   

What’s the toughest challenge for African Americans looking to make it in this industry? The toughest challenge is not believing we belong here. We do! This business is challenging and competitive but we have to remember what we bring to the table matters and is necessary. Especially if you find yourself in a newsroom where no one else looks like you. That can be intimidating. Our background, experiences, and beliefs add to the diversity in a newsroom to help ensure we are covering the issues that matter to our community.                                                                             

How do you feel about being approached when you are in public? Selfies? Autographs? I love people! I’ve never met a stranger. Some of the best news stories come from people who I randomly meet around town. I’ve never had anyone ask for an autograph as I think those have gone out of style now since the selfie craze. I will pose for a selfie. Be sure to tag me on Facebook!

What’s something interesting and fun about yourself that people may not know? I love to cook and dance!

Are you married? Have children? I am engaged. No children yet but I love children and want 10 kids! Ok, ok, maybe more like three. I would like to have some of our own and consider adopting as well.

Your choice of music? Anything Beyonce! I also enjoy all R&B old and new school, and gospel music. But really, any song with a nice beat I can dance to, I’m here for it!

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