After more than a decade in Wichita, Biglow Funeral Directors has moved to a new location that General Manager Vincent Phillips says is just the right fit.

Their new location, on the northwest corner of Lincoln and Grove, was the former home of Affinity Funeral Home and, before that, Commerce Bank. One of the biggest assets of the new location, says Phillips, is its expansive parking.

In large part, that’s why they expressed an interest in the new location when they were approached by Affinity managers, whom they’ve had a close working relationship during the past decade.

In their old location at 957 N. Oliver, there was no parking on Oliver, limited street parking on 9th Street and their small parking lot was located in the rear of the facility. While it wasn’t much of a walk to their front door, it wasn’t nearly as convenient as parking at the new location, which is plentiful and surrounds the entire neo-modern building.

The facility, while slightly smaller than their old location, is just the perfect fit, says Phillips.

“We had a lot of unused space at the old location,” Phillips said.

The new location includes a chapel with a seating capacity of 125.

Like most techno-savvy funeral homes, they’ve moved to a virtual casket selection process instead of a casket display room.

“We show everything on screen in the conference room,” said Phillips. “It’s drag and drop.”

They’ve been at the new location since late December, about a month ahead of their January projection.

While this is the only Biglow Funeral Home in Wichita, the company has three additional locations: one in each of the following Oklahoma cities: Tulsa, Boley, Okmulgee, and Muskogee.

Their new Wichita address is 2310 E. Lincoln and they’re online in Wichita at

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