The Community Voice has announced a winner in our contest for a VIP ticket package to The Revolution and Morris Day and the Time concert tomorrow night that will close out the Wichita RiverFest.

Demetria Harding is the winner of two meet-and-greet tickets to The Revolution and two VIP tickets to Morris Day.

The VIP tickets will let Demetria watch Morris Day and the Time from the balcony of Century II, overlooking the Kennedy Plaza concert stage. She’ll also have access to a cash bar and private restrooms.

Demetria is a die-hard fan of Prince, the music legend who led The Revolution for years and had close ties to Morris Day and the Time. She’s even made a pilgrimage to Prince’s Paisley Park estate in Minneapolis.

“I’m so excited!” she said. “I couldn’t wait to see if I won!”

VIP tickets for the concert tomorrow are sold out, but keep an eye on them for events next year. They were $25 each.

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