On the seventh anniversary of Barack Obama signing the Affordable Care Act, the former president said the country was in a better place because of the law.

In a statement released Thursday, he detailed what has happened since Obamacare became law: more Americans being insured, young people staying on their parents’ plans until they turn 26, people receiving healthcare despite pre-existing conditions.

“So the reality is clear:  America is stronger because of the Affordable Care Act,” Obama said.

Obama’s statement came the day that the House was scheduled to vote on legislation that would overhaul the former president’s signature achievement.

In a subtle knock to Republicans, he pointed out that ACA came to be after a “year of bipartisan debate.”

“So if Republicans are serious about lowering costs while expanding coverage to those who need it, and if they’re prepared to work with Democrats and objective evaluators in finding solutions that accomplish those goals – that’s something we all should welcome,” he said. ” But we should start from the baseline that any changes will make our health care system better, not worse for hardworking Americans.  That should always be our priority. “

During Thursday’s White House press briefing, Trump spokesman Sean Spicer addressed Obama’s defense of the Affordable Care Act point-by-point. “I assume that President Obama must be feeling the time is up for his signature law,” he said.

“President  Obama tried to move the goalposts on costs, downplaying the skyrocketing premiums,” he said. “He seems to forget that he pushed Obamacare on the promise of reducing costs.”

Obama broke that promise, he said.

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