Each January, people make vows to eat right and save money. But what goals are set for their homes?

“The New Year brings fresh perspective and is the perfect time to experiment with décor,” says Taniya Nayak, interior designer and DIY television personality.

Here are six home décor trends Nayak predicts will be filling your Pinterest feed in 2016.

Nature’s Patterns

For clean interior spaces with lots of detail, try simple designs inspired by nature, such as honeycombs, florals and leaves.

“Pair these with neutral colors for a soothing atmosphere, or blow them up and paint them in a bright color for a bold statement,” says Nayak.

You can also integrate natural patterns through accent pieces, such as light fixtures that have reflective metals to mimic sparkling water, or a textured jute rug. 

Presswork Palette

Generate conversation and set the tone for your space by incorporating text into your décor — think monograms, family names or inspirational quotes.

“Use various fonts and sizes to create different moods,” says Nayak. “Letters can be sharp and defined to create a contemporary and stylish aesthetic, or soft and casual for an elegant and timeless feel.”

Digitally Defined

“Geometric shapes and angles have become associated with technology; evoking creativity and innovative design,” says Nayak.

Incorporate this trend with geometric floor tiles in different colors. Or use pixilation for a modern, clean look. Pixelated artwork made up of monochromatic cubes can be simplistic and versatile.

Fresh and Fab

Multiple bright colors mixed together elevate the mood in any space. Paint a bold accent wall for an eye-catching statement. Or brightly paint a piece of antique furniture for an unexpected combination of modern and traditional.

“When it comes to painting an accent wall or furniture, one of the most important tools you need is a premium painter’s tape, like FrogTape brand painter’s tape,” advises Nayak.

Treated with PaintBlock Technology, FrogTape brand Multi-Surface and Delicate Surface tapes can be used on a variety of surfaces and help deliver sharp lines, so your handiwork looks professional.

Textured Terrain

From transformed wood pallets to worn leather or tin ceilings, aged raw materials offer texture and help give a space dimension.

“Incorporate it into an application where you wouldn’t typically think to use the material,” suggests Nayak. “For example, use concrete on a wall instead of the floor.”

Home décor items can easily be made to look aged by adding paint and other finishes for a distressed look.

Global Style

Create a warm, friendly space with a parade of patterns from different cultures.

“Don’t be afraid to mix multiple prints within a space,” says Nayak. “Tie these patterns together by carrying a similar color throughout each element in the room.”

“When trying a new trend, make sure it accurately represents your style — and remember you don’t have to go all out,” adds Nayak. “Any concept can be incorporated as little or as much as you’d like.” 

This New Year, update your home and accomplish your resolution in style.

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