Small Business Plus


Big marketing at a Small Marketing Price

A great way to build your brand and drive business

Become a Small Business+ member, and get the reach of The Community Voice behind you.

We’ll help build your brand by sharing your post throughout our social media network.

Membership includes two unique shares per month, each near one of our bi-weekly publication dates .

How Small Business+ works

  • This is a recurring member program available only with monthly prepayment .
  • Each monthly membership fee will be automatically charged each month to the account you provide.
  • Minimum commitment four months, or 1 year.

Special Introductory price!

  • Try it out with our COVID-19 Small Business Relief Program.
  • Designed especially to help jump start your business from any pandemic-related set-backs.


How to Get Started 

If you're ready to join the Small Business Advertiser Plus Program, here's how to get started.  

  • First you need to be a registered user on to sign.  Go to the website and on the top of the page it says sign in.  You'll need to be signed in to complete this process.  
  • Second complete the Small Business Plus Submission form.  
  • Go to your dashboard (click on your registered icon at the top of the page) or you can click below, but you must be logged in.