Joe Biden fist

Former Vice President Joe Biden in 2016 (AP Photo/Rob Griffith)

Several African Americans were elected as delegates for Joe Biden to the Democratic National Convention to be held Aug. 17-20 in Milwaukee, WI. Selected as delegates on the Congressional level were: Barbara Ballard and Terry Crowder, Biden delegates, District 2; Alyce Edwards and Lylena Estabine, Biden delegates, District 3; and Frances Jackson, Biden delegate, District 4.

Selected as electors to the Electoral College – remember those are the votes that really decide who becomes president, not the popular vote – were: Alyce Edwards, who is 3rd Congressional District chair, and Gary Enrique Bradley Lopez, who is chair of the Hispanic Caucus.

Although still clouded by uncertainty, radically different conventions are coming into focus.

Democrats said they are working with Milwaukee and Wisconsin officials and intend to follow safety guidelines, as opposed to RNC officials who bolted Charlotte, NC, after state and city leaders sought a scaled-back convention. The Democratic National Committee intends to maintain a presence in Milwaukee, with the city's arena, Fiserv Forum, still locked in as the convention campus. But party officials haven't said whether that will include Biden's acceptance speech, or how many other top Democrats and delegates will attend.

Some have speculated about a "virtual convention" – a combination of Zoom meetings and live-streamed speeches – although what that would look like isn't clear. DNC officials are expected to announce some plans soon, perhaps by the end of the month.

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