KCK Deltas Jabberwock 2019 contestants

Jabberwock 2019 contestants are: (L-R) Ri’Auzzia Watson, Taylor Collins, Jaleesa

McWashington, Jordyn Saunders and Taylor Hervy.

The Kansas City Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority will continue their scholarship fundraising tradition with their annual Jabberwock, this year themed “The Renaissance of Jabberwock.” The gala will be held on Sat., March 23, 7 p.m. at The Venue at Willow Creek, 3150 N. 91st St., Kansas City, KS. Tickets are $50.

This year’s Jabberwock will feature five contestants, each of whom have exhibited high moral standards, service, and scholarship. A key portion of the “Jabberwock Experience,” is the educational, social, and public service activities that help broaden the young ladies’ horizons, as the Deltas help prepare them for their next step in life.

This year’s contestants are:

Taylor Nicole Collins

High School: Bonner Springs High School

Future Plans: To go into the nursing field by receiving my CNA licenses in May and then continuing four more years to become a Registered Nurse.

Taylor Hervy

High School: Bonner Springs High School

Future Plans: Attend college and major in Social Psychology

Jaleesa McWashington

High School: Olathe Northwest

Future Plans: To attend college, in order to pursue her dream of becoming a pediatrician.

Jordyn Saunders

High School: Mill Valley High School

Future Plans: To apply her skills in analytics to achieve a Doctorate Degree in Cognitive Neuropsychology.

Ri'Auzzia Watson

High School: Sumner Academy of Arts and Science

Future Plans: To attend the University of Kansas and become a Certified Public Accountant. I also want to travel internationally, start businesses, and publish a few books of poetry and novellas.

Individuals can support the contestants in their scholarship efforts in several ways online. They can purchase a t-shirt designed “The Future is Us,” T-shirt or tickets to Jabberwock. The t-shirts are $20 each or $35 for two. To support, go online to: http://www.dstkcks.org/jabberwock-scholarship-pageant.html.

In 1925 Delta Sorors Marian Conover Hope and Lola Wilson Hayes conceived the Jabberwock as a means of generating funds for scholarships, and the first ever Jabberwock was presented that year in Boston, Mass. Since that time, Jabberwock has become copyrighted and synonymous with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. The Kansas City Kansas Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority has been hosting Jabberwock since 1971.

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