USD 259 administrators presented back to school scenarios to the district’s board of education today during a special meeting.  The district is focusing on three scenarios, which are similar to what other districts across the country are evaluating. 

The district is focusing on three scenarios, which are similar to what other districts across the country are evaluating.

Onsite (Open Campus) – the majority of staff and students return to school with guidelines and requirements to focus on health and safety

Blended (Hybrid) – A combination of face-to-face and online instruction. It will be required if asked to take additional precautions due to public health concerns. The plan would involve alternating days. This model was supported by 51% of parents and 60% of staff who responded to our survey.

Online (extended remote) – Limited in-person instruction, the majority occurs via technology. All buildings will have limited access to students and community.

“Parents told us overwhelmingly that they want to maintain a consistent class schedule. We have to be ready to maintain consistency, accountability and connectivity regardless of the learning environment next year,” WPS Deputy Superintendent Dr. Tiffinie Irving said.

The plan will be finalized and shared with families and staff on Monday, July 20, and would keep the safety of students and staff in the forefront.

Dr. Irving said that sharing the three scenarios now will allow families consider what is best for their child and they can evaluate whether they want to enroll their child in our traditional school environment or if they want to consider 100% online learning with our Education Imagine Academy virtual school. If parents choose Education Imagine Academy, that will become their base school.

The district is looking at having students physically return to buildings in August, but knows that things could change depending on what happens with COVID-19. WPS is planning a soft launch at the first of the year to help ease into the school year. It will involve changes to the first week of school in order to allow a smooth transition for our students to return. Details of the soft launch will be shared on July 20.

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