Rudy Love director john alexander and bob love this is love documentary

From left: Film director John Alexander, Rudy Love and Bob Love.

Rudy Love has been on a “love fest” for the last couple of years enjoying attention from the award-winning documentary about his journey in the music industry and his focus on family in Wichita.

The movie, “This is Love,” has been screened at festivals around the world and several times in Wichita, where it drew standing-room-only crowds.

Now, it’s finally headed to home streaming, with avirtual sneak peek July 4 weekend on Vimeo On Demand, with the documentary available for viewing for 48 hours. It will be available from Fri. July 3 to Sun. July 5 for streaming rental at a price of $9.99.

Further streaming options will be announced.

“When Love was a promising 17-year-old funk musician, he was tricked into signing a fraudulent record contract that allowed his songs to be stolen for decades: a generation of musicians was influenced by Love’s work — hits like ‘I’ve Just Got to Tell Somebody’ and ‘Your Love is So Doggone Good’ — without ever knowing his name,” Alex Huls writes in this month’s Harvard Magazine profile of the documentary’s director, John Alexander.

Alexander, a 2011 Harvard graduate, met Love in 2016 while shooting a movie in Kansas about the notorious Bender family.

“But his life wasn’t the tragedy one might expect. Love had other chances at stardom, only to return again and again to what mattered to him more than fame, money, or bitterness: love for family and music. He continues to write songs, and to perform and record locally with his bandmates, most of whom are his siblings.”

For updates, follow @ThisIsLoveFilm on social media, and see the director's clips at his production company Crook and Nanny's Vimeo page at

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