At least once a year, we tap the minds of high achievers and they provide our readers with high quality information they rarely have access to. It’s rare to get access to this kind of information from individuals at the top of their field and we get them to open up and share in very personal and profound ways.

This year we selected women in higher education a tough and political field.

Surprisingly, African -American women are doing exceptionally rare in the field of higher education, but making it to the highest level isn’t with its challenges.

These women have learned how to side step land mines placed in their way, how to recover when you fail to avoid the mine, how to gain respect in the midst of racism, sexism and other isms, and how to still go home and give your family your all. Whew!!

The personal advise these ladies share is worth millions, plus we get them to share advise their mentors gave them.

If you’re a young woman, or man, hoping to make it to the top of your profession, don’t miss an opportunity to learn from these ladies. If you’re struggling in your career, at a crossroads, or almost ready to give up ... FIND TIME TO READ THIS SECTION.

Parents and grandparents, we suggest strongly recommending this section to your millennial as a must read and if they don’t like reading and old fuddy duddy newspaper, show it to them online.That might make it a little more palatable. All issues of The Community Voice are always online @

Finally, we want to thank these ladies for taking the time out of their busy schedule to participate with us this year. They all recognize the importance of helping others along the way.

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